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As creators of menswear fashion, we wanted to differentiate ourselves in the market. Our differentiation comes not by graphics or witty sayings written on t-shirts, but by our love and appreciation for detail, culture, and travel - which is ultimately portrayed through our products. Welcome to Cut and Paste Lifestyle, where global inspiration blends with quality merchandise and timeless design. Our vision is to provide our valued customer with only the finest and timeless menswear that will stand the test of time. As we all are familiar, style is constantly changing, thus, our products at Cut and Paste give men the option of diversification and standing out. We offer a selection of quality men’s t-shirts from plain pocket tees to inspired pieces from the places we’ve travelled to. Our men’s t-shirts are also available for purchasing in a variety of packages ranging from 10% to 20% off depending on the size of your order. From one fellow traveller to another, we want to share our love for culture and fashion with like-minded people. As fortunate as we are to travel and see the world first hand, we would also love to grow and share our experience with others. Thank you for your interest in Cut and Paste.
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